Camping Il Ceppo is the starting point to several excursions which go through the fascinating Bosco Martese (Martese Wood) in the Gran Sasso National Park e Monti della Laga.
The various trekking routes are almost all mentioned by the CAI (Italian Alpine Club).

Cascata MorricanaFrom Ceppo to Cascate della Morricana (Morricana Falls)
Difficulty: E
Drop: 468 meters
Max altitude: 1,550 meters
Duration: between 1h30 and 2h
Signal: CAI white-red
Pizzo di MoscioFrom Ceppo to Pizzo di Moscio
Difficulty: E
Max altitude: 1,050 meters
Duration: 1 day
Lago dell'OrsoFrom Ceppo to Lago dell’Orso (Bear Lake)
Difficulty: T
Drop: 471m meters
Duration: 1h30