Il campeggio

The camping has 28 sites for caravan and campers and 24 sites for tents. Each space is provided with electricity. In addition, toilets and showers with hot water are available. Also, in the camping there are an equipped area for barbeque and a space dedicated to games for children. The camping offer then includes a cosy restaurant with a typical fireplace and a bar for breakfast and aperitifs.

Elettric gridElectric grid: each site is provided with a plug CEE 16A. The charge for the electric consumption is included in the camping daily fee.

Water drainWater drain: the camping is provided with a dedicated drain for black and grey waters.

SecuritySecurity: the camping is protected by a fence which surround it entirely and by a guard who is active day and night.

BarbecueBarbeque area: the camping includes an area equipped for the barbeque. Please note it’s strictly prohibited to light any fire outside the camping in the protected areas.

ChildrenChildren: the camping provides an area dedicated to children and is equipped with slides, swings, a wooden castle and other games for your children amusement. Also, the area is paved with a rubber floor to increase the security.

RestaurantRestaurant area: in the camping you will find a bar and a nice restaurant with 40 seats. The bar opens early in the morning so to prepare delicious breakfasts with local jams and hot croissants; you will also be able to enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and have an aperitif in the evening. The restaurant is located in a wide salon which is surrounded by doors and windows that provide lighting and it’s equipped with an original mountain fireplace.

ServicesShowers and toilets: the camping provides toilets for men and women, with sinks and water closets, showers with hot water and also external sinks for clothes washing.